Pam and Dr. Naz Abraham


In mid-2011 the Abrahams started making plans to join the burgeoning food scene in downtown Huntington. Their vision was bold and Pam’s artistic talents were put to the test. It all came together when, in April of 2012, Chef Jason’s Du Soir Bistro opened at 905, 3rd Avenue. Word spread like wildfire; the atmosphere was electric. Soon everyone in town was talking about the stunning new bistro with the crystal chandeliers, art gallery design, and open kitchen filled with showman chefs grinning at the guests. Ever dynamic however, Pam wasn’t finished. The next year she returned from travelling inspired, and began planning to bring a brand new concept to the area. On New Year’s Eve 2014 The Cellar Door began serving guests. The new restaurant’s whimsical, elegant design and unique Tapas-inspired menu quickly drew crowds.

Nearly ever face from those early days is now long gone (including Chef Jason himself). Yet throughout the years the Abrahams’ sage advice and leadership have steered Le Bistro and The Cellar Door through every moment of triumph and every obstacle. With their retirement they have confidently passed the torch to Chris and Dakota. Though no longer officially involved, they’re always generous with their perspective and never far from our hearts.