about us

Fine Dining in Huntington, WV

At Le Bistro we take pride in offering an exceptional, quality experience to every guest that walks through our doors. Our team of talented chefs combine familiar flavors, quality ingredients, and innovative techniques, continually exploring new frontiers in what can be accomplished in fine dining.

Our service staff are rigorously trained in classic standards and are encouraged to research and implement new ways to accommodate any request. Our extensive wine lists, craft beer offerings, and expanding stock of spirits are constantly evolving to feature exclusive pairings, regional selections, and original cocktails. At Le Bistro every meal is an experience unto itself.

Our Commitments

At Le Bistro, we dream of making a positive impact in the areas we do business.

We are committed to being green.

We are committed to sourcing locally whenever possible.

We are committed to creating opportunities for our employees.

We are committed to being part of Huntington’s economic growth.

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